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Indie Challenge 3 – I, Zombie by Jo Michaels

I ZombieI Zombie by Jo Michaels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an enjoyable read. I sat down this morning thinking to give this a few chapters before I started on my list of things to do today. Before I knew it, I’d finished the book.

First of all, let me say that YA is not a genre I’ve ever found myself enjoying. The relationships always feel too committed to me, like they can’t live without one another nor do they know how to become their own person. It’s usually why I steer clear of YA. With that said, obviously this book fit differently for me. For one, I finished it in one sitting which means it held my interests. The story moved at a quick pace that didn’t allow me to grow bored and look for something else to do. Nicely done, Ms. Michaels. Two, is that the characters were very separate in their identities. Sure, there were close relationships, but the main character was a strong girl on her own. She didn’t need them to survive. I enjoyed that very much. She wasn’t all co-depend on the male lead. Refreshing.

Second of all, since I don’t read zombie books, I don’t know if the view point of this novel was original. It struck me as original, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this from the zombie point of view. The effects of zombieness were very creatively described.

The writing was clean and smooth and pulled me right into the story. There’s hardly any description which is a bonus for me since I usually skim over excessively descriptive passages.

While I didn’t latch on to any one character, I did tear up which surprised me. I guess I was more invested than I thought I was when reading. Or it could have been how well those sad scenes were written. Not sure, but, either way, it pulled at my heart.

I’d recommend this to any lover of YA and zombie books.

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